Adjusts the color temperature of your screen
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The color temperature is set according to the position of the sun. A different color temperature is set during night and daytime. During twilight and early morning, the color temperature transitions smoothly from night to daytime temperature to allow your eyes to slowly adapt.

This package provides the base program. Original-Maintainer: nicoo
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Catorwild 2 months ago

Probably the worst software on linux mint to adjust the temperature. Developers, if you see this message, please remove this horror and replace it with gammy! It's simple and customizable, and unlike Redshift, it's not bug-filled!

elisabo 4 months ago

This thing should not be based on Firefox geoclue2. Update Firefox yesterday: I'm back (so called) in the Philipines and I live in France. Happens often. Sometimes a Firefox update corrects it, but after another update: back to the Philipines. Day becomes night, night becomes day, and my search engines locate me wrong too. Some pages block me, saying I'm on a bot. Redshift should be based on the computer location settings and not depending on bugs in Firefox.

pg82 5 months ago

Never liked it. Had it in several installations and more issues with it than not. Location tracker and preset times rather than providing a simple GUI to leave those settings to the user is beyond me. Most common issue was several instances hindering themselfes or needing system restart. Never understood why there was not one simple working bluelight filter option under linux.

toomyg155 11 months ago

Didnt work for me with LM 21.1 or 20.3 it might be my GPU, monitor not sure but when it did work in the past I didnt think it was all that great.

NeatNit 1 year ago

No longer maintained. See maintained fork, gammastep: (version in repository is out of date)

maxime 1 year ago

It used to work well, but no longer : the light suddenly changes whereas it's not the good time.

NOOBMASTER 1 year ago

After a long time of use, the app becomes corrupt / broken, and despite there being an Issue page on github, with many, many users commenting their experience with the bug, it is not being updated or fixed in any way. The brightness, gamma, and color temperatue settings can only be changed by opening the configuratin file in text editor, and changing the values there.

Blackhouse 1 year ago

Works like a charm. Most desktop managers have the functionality built in these days, but for Cinnamon it's great.

AppReviewer 2 years ago

If you activate it by accident, there's no way to revert your screen back to normal until you reboot your computer. Uninstalling it alone doesn't do it. It's harmful software

TheKittyDoctor 2 years ago

no way to adjust the red. i quit the little icon and still have red in the screen.. no way to go back now.. not a fan at all..

surruk51 3 years ago

I would give it 5 except for one irritation. When I use a VPN it locks in to the time zone of the VPN server. I would like it to stick to the time on the clock in the computer

franckgaga 3 years ago

Essential app, love it !

cyberUx 3 years ago

nice app. can arrange via terminal. it s so good

Menard 3 years ago

I have a suggestion : add a setting to restore the day rules early in the morning because some people don't receive too much light everyday, so they need full light from their screen. Know that not enough light is bad for mental health. So filtering in the evening is good but only it the person is not in situation of privation., it is good to help to sleep too. So I know no reason to limit the light in the first hours of the day. I am a doctor in medecine to say this. So I think that changing the location of the current place toward the east is part of a solution, diffrent, for that purpose.

solitonmedic 3 years ago

If you're looking for a graphical menu, download QRedshift from your Applets menu.

katsumi 4 years ago

My eyes thank you Redshift!

magnit 4 years ago

The program for the preservation of health. It is especially effective for inexpensive laptops with a cheap screen matrix.

newmintterman 4 years ago

Tried them all and the winner is Iris and Iris mini. Not even fair contest when it comes to usability and fast access to bluelight and dimmer.

alex_o 5 years ago

It's awesome, if you want a smart yellow filter for your eyes look no further. Oh and be sure to use the applet for it.

MooseMalloy 5 years ago

Great program. Make sure to try the Redshift applet in the applets store if you wish to fine-tune the settings -- no need to create/change a config file. Just use the Applets command from your menu and check the download tab.