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"Very important. If you had asked me 10 years ago about the state of gaming and linux I would not have thought this is possible. The biggest hinderer of linux for normal endusers always was gaming. I recommend protondb. I also recommend go to a game in steam, than on properties, than on compatability and than choose the latest version of proton that is not the experimental one - this way quite many games work very well. I am not a big gamer but I am very happy this ease of gaming under linux finally was realized."
"when you hope it had more levels it must be a great game - brings back school memories since we were allowed to play lemmings after IT course"
"Good, used it often. Would it install at least as a backup program on a media creation device. Good effects, also good availability of tutorials. Intuitiveness is so-so, like with all media creation software depending on the brain wiring of the user, looks quite dated."
"Very small, seems to work very well right away. Open terminal, type sct and a number between 1000 and 10000. A delight in use and effect compared to other linux blue light filter software, glad i found it. Not easy to find with keywords."
"Best video editor but resolution support compared to other editors is far from ideal. Not being able to see bottom part of window workaround is 'view' - 'dock area orientation' - switch to arange in columns."
"This version is not opening in my installation. It seems to run in instances in the background, but no window opens. The other available version opens."
"pretty good, lots of ease, with differentiation of quality"
"Ugly as chrome, but when it comes to function this is a very good browser. Good backup browser, big amount of addons, stability and modernity being its main selling points. Would I use a watered down google software as my main browser, of course not."
"I would rate it as the best media player, but has even hidden abilities as a creation tool, ugly, the perfect backup media player even if you prefer a different one for daily use"
"The software is pretty good. The only downgrade I would give it is in usability, but even in this respect is is pretty good compared. Not overly simple, not extremely comvoluted. In my humble opinion this type of software only in very rare cases has excellent usability and intuitive behaviour. If you are a common user of graphic tablets you need to give this a try. I would rate it as the best available software for balanced amount of ability or balance of usability vs function."
"Had it in several installations and more issues with it than it working properly. The whole idea of connecting this fundamental ability in a OS with a location tracker and preset times rather than providing a simple GUI to leave those settings to the user is bonkers. It might still work, so give it a try, but it would rate it as a non working software. Most common issues were one several instances hindering themselfes or the need to restart the whole OS session, in some cases it just is not working even with time and effort spend to fix it which should not be the case for a good software."
"installed in seconds, worked in seconds, tested it with my eyoyo EY-014 scanner connected to a desktop via USB cable, worked immediately, it writes out the barcode on a website or in an office file. Working with these types of scanners can be a pain, so I am rather surprised by the ease, hence the review."