Adjusts the color temperature of your screen -- GUI
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The color temperature is set according to the position of the sun. A different color temperature is set during night and daytime. During twilight and early morning, the color temperature transitions smoothly from night to daytime temperature to allow your eyes to slowly adapt.

This package installs a graphical user interface for redshift. Original-Maintainer: nicoo
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Catorwild 2 months ago

Probably the worst software on linux mint to adjust the temperature. Developers, if you see this message, please remove this horror and replace it with gammy! It's simple and customizable, and unlike Redshift, it's not bug-filled! furthermore, its no longer maintened !

lupinx2 1 year ago

It does what it says it will but strictly based on your location, the UI you see in the screenshot is literally the entirety of available settings, can't adjust the timers or the color temperature variance; recommend only if your sleeping schedule is literally the exact same as the developer's.

NOOBMASTER 1 year ago

Garbage UI which only offers user the options to turn the app on or off. Absolutely no way for the user to interact with brightness, gamma, and temperature settings.

katsumi 4 years ago

Good for my eyes!

MooseMalloy 5 years ago

Very nice - or alternatively, try the Redshift applet in the applets store if you wish to fine-tune the settings -- no need to create/change a config file. Just use the Applets command from your menu and check the download tab.

powerwagon75 5 years ago

Very eyes thank you. Using the /home/.config/redshift.conf file you create yourself (search linuxmint forum for

liozek 6 years ago

Excelente! Cumpre o que promete.

ATron5000 6 years ago

Works great with mint 18.2 cinnamon. Autostart option works like a champ.

blavkm 6 years ago

Working as always. You can change the temp in the config file.

Vasilis_K 6 years ago

Does exactly what it says.

BazyTrue 6 years ago

Nie można ustawić różnych temperatur. Ustawia się samo. Zazwyczaj to są dwie temperatury.

FLOWXP 6 years ago

you can't set different temperatures :(

franckgaga 6 years ago

Works great on mint 18.2 !

hobbledehoy899 6 years ago

Much better than the Linux version of f.lux!

donvercety 8 years ago

better then f.lux

simpller 8 years ago


raskolnikov 8 years ago

Great, works very well in laptop monitors.

profjws 8 years ago

Much more aesthetically pleasing than I expected. I never noticed how cold and unnatural my display was until I installed this.