Simple frontend for the libretro library
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RetroArch is an open source, multi-platform frontend for the libretro API. It can be used as a modular multi emulator system, game engine, media player and 3D technical demonstration. These features are available through libretro cores.

It provides three built-in GUI: RGUI, XMB and GLUI.
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FinixFighter 9 months ago

Best app ever for gaming! It has every emulator you can think of!

famaral 1 year ago

retro nostalgia maximum :). I installed from the website to get the latest verions always. in this case iis worth, they add nice features and bugs corrections each release. Show de bola!

cleverbastard 1 year ago

Ce paquet est obsolete. La version Flathub est plus recente et bien plus complete.