Newsreader for rss, rdf and atom newsfeeds
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Rssowl is a newsreader for rss, rdf and atom newsfeeds written in java using gtk+ through swt as its graphic library.
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atom 8 years ago

so so

gentlelion9 12 years ago

It can sync with google reader, that's just what I want so much.

Xyie 13 years ago

I wasn't really checking many RSS feeds before RSSOwl - this utility is easy enough that it got me hooked on a quick way to get info on several sites, without opening a browser.

mozie4717 13 years ago

Very slow on executing commands like "Mark as read". Linux does not have a good RSS Reader application. Best to use a browser for that.

kip- 13 years ago

i use it a lot.. i find it on linux.. i used 1ts time in min7 release.. im glad they add this greate app here!

rijnsma 13 years ago

I already had it on Windows ME.