Samba Virtual FileSystem plugins
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Samba is an implementation of the SMB/CIFS protocol for Unix systems, providing support for cross-platform file sharing with Microsoft Windows, OS X, and other Unix systems. Samba can also function as a domain controller or member server in both NT4-style and Active Directory domains.

Virtual FileSystem modules are stacked shared libraries extending the functionality of Samba. Some examples are: * vfs_acl_xattr: Save NTFS-ACLs in Extended Attributes * vfs_audit: record selected Samba VFS operations in the system log * vfs_readonly: Make a Samba share read only for a specified time period * vfs_recycle: Give the same effect as the Recycle Bin on Windows computers * vfs_shadow_copy2: Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies * vfs_worm: Disallow writes for older file

Note: The runtime dependencies of vfs_ceph, vfs_glusterfs and vfs_snapper are moved to Recommends.
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drfits 8 years ago

Обычная реализация файловой системы для подключения расшареных по сети виндовых дисков к системе. Спасибо, что сделали :)

jahid_0903014 8 years ago

dependency of samba