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Widget-like mini-applications for gnome
4 reviews

Screenlets are small owner-drawn applications (written in python, a very simple object-oriented programming-language) that can be described as "the virtual representation of things lying/standing around on your desk". sticknotes, clocks, rulers, the possibilities are endless.

User reviews:

4 years ago
4 I honestly downloaded it just because of the FuriusMoon screenlet, I gave a try to others but I really don't need them. I have been looking for a week for a moon phase widget type app, and it was right under my nose in the Software Manager! I also installed fuzzy clock because it's funny :) Although some of the widgets are totally useless for me, I understand they may be interesting for other people: for this reason I don't feel like diminishing the rating of this pack, as it did the job for me very well, and it will do the same for others. Download it and you won't regret!

5 years ago
5 bonege

6 years ago
2 very buggy

6 years ago
4 I use this on 3 computer setups. A hybrid mbr refit macbook air, a shoddy 1 gig ddr 2 (built in graphics card, the other one was a PoS and fried without me overclocking it, and a 9 gig ddr 3/i7/nvid 1g graphics card). I throughly enjoy it enough to throw it on all of those systems because it's a great lazy mans/womans app. I only use the radio app (night line is fantastic IMHO), and the conky based Sysmonitor. Glitches to keep it from being 5 stars that I have noted (these should be relatively easy to fix if you are NOT lazy and feel like digging into the source codes ... and are complaints of screenlets included with this pack-all): Sysmonitor has a hard time saving appearance changes and opens multiple instances of the app upon boot up of OS. The multiple instantiation of the Sysmonitor would most likely be caused by the screenlets app itself, but I admit that I have not looked into fixing that issue, or any related to this program. Some computer lock-ups may or may not be related to screenlets (most likely related to linux mint). The get more screenlets button sometimes fails. Hmm, that's all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. The important thing is that the program comes with a myriad of useful apps, and a lot of seemingly useless ones (why would you throw a terminal widget on the destkop when you can just press ctrl/alt/t ....?). Did I mention the radio app (nightline ROCKS, but you will need to acquire the MPlayer library (easy peasy, the nightline station is fantastic IMHO). Anywho, if ya want to hack your own stuff together, why would you even bother looking into this program ... much less reading this review? If ya just want some fully functional background apps, grab this program. It was well worth it for me (and I only use two of the screenlets).