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"I really like it, I enjoy the timer a lot. Everything is really inmtuitive, as it should be. Nofrills and effective. I have a problem though, and I don’t know how to solve it: I live in Canary Islands (same time zone as London UK) but somehow the program pick the time of some unknown place in mainland Spain, which is one hour ahead, slamming it on the first clock. How to correct this? Please send me a PM on linux mint forums if you know, same user name. :)"
"Without this my printer simply wouldn't work as smooth. Works perfectly on a DJ 3055A all in one. A royal PITA to install through, though."
"I really liked how sleek it looked this system monitor, but I didn't find it very easy to configure. Yeah, okay, me windows guy wants GUI, so I used screenlets that had Infopanel that did the trick very well."
"Flexibility:10 always if you can overcome the 0 usability. When a bloody GUI? We are in 2014!"
"Never tried a slower browser than this. Back to FF and Chrome as a back up. No way I can make flash player work (which works okay in Chrome instead)"
"works amazingly on my Linux Mint Maya Cinnamon 64. I installed it for sysmonitor, the rubbish bin, and calendar. Infopanel takes a bit of time to tailor it to your needs, but once done it's fantastic, much better than conky that isn't as easy to set up. Conky is possibly sleeker, but this is more useable. The bin is a bin. Calendar is a calendar, smart and nice. I didn't manage to make weather work, but it's inside Infopanel anyway. Oh, I also installed the clock, Sensor-X1, which goes quite well with the FuriusMoon of the other packet. Edit of the next morning: for reasons which are unknown to me Infopanel, Trash, and Clear Calendar aren't starting on login. This means that I have to start them manually each time, and Infopanel particularly loses ALL its settings, forcing to re-enter them each time. Bugger. Dropping 2 stars because of this. Now using just FuriusMoon"
"I honestly downloaded it just because of the FuriusMoon screenlet, I gave a try to others but I really don't need them. I have been looking for a week for a moon phase widget type app, and it was right under my nose in the Software Manager! I also installed fuzzy clock because it's funny :) Although some of the widgets are totally useless for me, I understand they may be interesting for other people: for this reason I don't feel like diminishing the rating of this pack, as it did the job for me very well, and it will do the same for others. Download it and you won't regret!"
"It goes on loop while installing, when I select the languages. If anybody knows how to fix this, please shoot me an email:"