The seamonkey internet suite
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The seamonkey internet suite is a set of internet oriented applications. it is the continuity of the mozilla suite after it has been abandoned in favor of firefox and thunderbird.

the seamonkey internet suite consists of:
- an internet browser (seamonkey navigator)
- an html wysiwyg editor (seamonkey composer)
- a mail and news client (seamonkey mail & newsgroups)
- an address book (seamonkey address book)
this package contains the entire suite.
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Moem 3 years ago

This is my browser and e-mail client of choice and also a decent HTML editor.

jahid_0903014 5 years ago

nice WYSIWYG web editor

sobiebastian 7 years ago

If you have a problem in terminal run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:joe-nationnet/seamonkey-dev THAN DO AN UPGRADE sudo apt-get update AND THAN INSTALL sudo apt-get install seamonkey it has got an amazing html editor, under File - go to New and Compose Page - really good

kowari 7 years ago

I never had much luck with it.......

Wallfisher 8 years ago

Seamonkey is my browser of choice. I have upgraded to the 2.8 version and recommend it over the version existing in the repository of Isadora.

Krawujewatz 8 years ago

Das Programm nutze ich schon unter Windows seit Jahren mit Begeisterung.

Tarentula 8 years ago

Elle n'a pas pris une ride malgré ce que l'on peut dire :)

rcagle 8 years ago

Although it works better in windows version, it kept disappearing from Linit Linux without any messages. Decided to uninstall.

CHuLoYo 8 years ago

I like it, all integrated internet services.

glubbar 8 years ago

I've been using it for quite some time now. It is somewhat superior to its little bro(w)ther FireFox. More robust anyway.

Xyie 9 years ago

I enjoy using this. You can also just pick the components of the suite that you want, but if you prefer a suite over standalone programs, this is the browser package you're looking for.

wanda 9 years ago

Out off the time.

Tuhin 9 years ago


nicu 9 years ago

Not a good alternative to Chromium or Firefox ...

Elisa 9 years ago

I used and tested seamoneky enough long that I can say - it might be good just for 'easy' browsing, supporting many add-ons like firefox (FF) but some add-ons which work perfect in FF do not wotk in Seamonkey! E.g. tor button :-((( Do not install tor button in Seamoneky ! All will get to s... :-( You can use tor in seamonkey but must set tor settings manually or by mm3 switch add-on. Torbutton for FF works only in FF ;-)

a2d2 9 years ago

...every day in peppermint, other linux osś and win7 ...its fastest mail client

tamoghna4 9 years ago


ceptor 9 years ago

als webdesigner kommt man um diesen browser nicht herum

colej84 9 years ago

good browser

Fuzzi99 9 years ago

it's just Mozilla 1.3 reborn, face it, it sucks.