Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 1-player puzzle games
  7 reviews

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection contains a number of popular puzzle games for one player. It currently consists of these games:

* Black Box, ball-finding puzzle
* Bridges, bridge-placing puzzle
* Cube, rolling cube puzzle
* Dominosa, domino tiling puzzle
* Fifteen, sliding block puzzle
* Filling, polyomino puzzle
* Flip, tile inversion puzzle
* Galaxies, symmetric polyomino puzzle
* Guess, combination-guessing puzzle
* Inertia, gem-collecting puzzle
* Keen, arithmetic Latin square puzzle
* Light Up, light-bulb placing puzzle
* Loopy, loop-drawing puzzle
* Magnets, magnet-placing puzzle
* Map, map-colouring puzzle
* Mines, mine-finding puzzle
* Net, network jigsaw puzzle
* Netslide, toroidal sliding network puzzle
* Pattern
* Pearl, loop-drawing puzzle
* Pegs, peg solitaire puzzle
* Range, visible-distance puzzle
* Rectangles
* Same Game, block-clearing puzzle
* Signpost, square-connecting puzzle
* Singles, number-removing puzzle
* Sixteen, toroidal sliding block puzzle
* Slant, maze-drawing puzzle
* Solo, number placement puzzle
* Tents, tent-placing puzzle
* Towers, tower-placing Latin square puzzle
* Twiddle, rotational sliding block puzzle
* Undead, monster-placing puzzle
* Unequal, Latin square puzzle
* Unruly, black and white grid puzzle
* Untangle, planar graph layout puzzle
Latest reviews
pfalal 7 years ago

Great alternative to ego shooters! ;)

spookylukey 7 years ago

Great set of puzzle games, with a very good range of difficulty levels!

ndmushroom 9 years ago

A very good set of mini games to keep you busy on your netbook.

Emil89 9 years ago

Most of these games are very addictive and fun.

steve470 10 years ago

Includes clones of Sudoku, KenKen, Minesweeper, and Mastermind, as well as 27 other puzzle games, many quite addictive, with an impressive puzzle generator for unlimited play.

Xyie 10 years ago

A simple set of puzzle games. You might have to read the manual on how to play each one, but they're simple to figure out after knowing your goal. Good for a lighter set of games on a computer.

Galoot 11 years ago

The first games I install on every OS. Mind-exercising puzzles that can't be beat.