Feature-rich screenshot program
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Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. You can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website - apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all within one window.

* take a screenshot of your complete desktop, a rectangular area
or capture a website
* take screenshot directly or with a specified delay time
* save the screenshots to a specified directory and name them in a
convenient way (using special wild-cards)
* Shutter is fully integrated into the GNOME Desktop (TrayIcon etc.)
* generate thumbnails directly when you are taking a screenshot
and set a size level in %
* Shutter session collection
o keep track of all screenshots during session
o copy screeners to clipboard
o print screenshots
o delete screenshots
o rename your file
* upload your files directly to Image-Hosters (e.g., retrieve
all the needed links and share them with others
* edit your screenshots directly using the embedded drawing tool
Latest reviews
billmask 1 month ago

Very nice software. Quick and intuitive.

Ivan_anatolyevich 2 months ago

Без редактора, абсолютно бесполезная ерунда

eoinpomahony 3 months ago

This is a really well thought through program. I use it every day in my work.

Yzowl 3 months ago

Icon often appears as a blank space when minimized to the system tray... Otherwise it's a great app!

famaral 4 months ago

Very nice screenshot application. Currently the edit option is not working for me. I am using flameshot instead

Blake 4 months ago

Complet et facile, super ! Fitful & easy, awesome !!

cj76 8 months ago

I've tried the majority of SS programs and shutter is the most feature rich. Highly recommended! Be nice to allocate keybindings though otherwise it would have been a 5 star review baby.

jasont 9 months ago

Binding to a keystroke using --active parameter to a key results in "No window with name pattern 'shutter' detected" after one run. Everything else works ok.

WebRover 1 year ago

It's not Skitch, but it's pretty cool. To edit you need to install additional stuff, but that's pretty easy. I use it several times per month and it hasn't busted anything. :) I decided to write this review to encourage development and help others find a good solution. Thanks. :)

Philipp 1 year ago

work fine on Cinammon

eduardosilva 1 year ago

Excelente para efetuar os recortes do ecrâ. Não a troco pela pré-instalada.

Poetician 1 year ago

Really enjoy using the app. The file naming scheme is the best I've seen.

niyast 1 year ago

very useful..

biker95 2 years ago

Hello. Please add goo::canvas package for shutter. Don't work edit in shutter

TS01 2 years ago

one of the best apps for me.

cristianotito 2 years ago

Incredibly simply

felipepmdias 2 years ago


Lupus288 2 years ago

If i could only add it under the "printscreen" key i would be perfect !!! add some keyboard shortcuts please!

Jaster53 3 years ago

please add some hotkey settings on the next update. overall it's a nice software

BazyTrue 3 years ago

Works very well. No problems with it. Very usefull. Have more functionallity than default screen saver. Polecam ten program. Posiada więcej funkcjonalności niż domyślny program do zrzutu ekranu.