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"I have been using Libre Office for 5+ years in a corporate environment that is 99.% MSOffice and nobody really notices the difference. I keep up to date with the latest version directly from the LibreOffice web site and have deployed it across Linux and Windows machines without issue. Remove any base (old) version that comes with your distro before installing the latest version. Why feed the best? Support the developers of LibreOffice instead!"
"If you are not a subscriber of MSTeams and need to attend a Teams meeting, use Chromium instead as you need an account for the client. "
"It works. In comparison to other web meeting cilents it is much better and it is generally kept up to date. In the 'work world' you probably have to deal with several meeting products and clients and their clients generally don't work well. The Zoom client will give you more flexibility than the Zoom web client. If you want the absolute up to date version, pull from the Zoom web site. "
"I use this tool daily and often for remote support to multiple machines in different networks. "
"I use Shutter constantly. It is my go-to tool for screen specifc grabs and editing or blurring content before saving, using or sending an image forward. For example, it made building a 'how to' document easy and fast. I am glad to see it back into the repository. "
"I use Chromium as my secondary browser because it is lean and fast and handles the browser based meeting clients that other browsers may not. It works well for GotoMeeting, Teams, Webx, ZOHO and other meeting cilents. Chrome worked fine but it occassionaly had issues being updated and was that heavy, slower full featured browser. But sometimes you just need a simple, fast and functional."
"I have been using Signal on the desktop for a few years now. No major issues and they update often. I like the ability to have a bigger screen for reading and a full keyboard for typing. It works without issue for text, multi-media, voice and web conference (one to one and group). Signal has become the tool of choice with work and others and the desktop edition makes it very useful and easy. "