Simple Scanning Utility
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Simple Scan is an easy-to-use application, designed to let users connect their scanner and quickly have the image/document in an appropriate format.

Simple Scan is basically a frontend for SANE - which is the same backend as XSANE uses. This means that all existing scanners will work and the interface is well tested.
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Tornado23-Stm 1 month ago

This software is very useful and very easy to use

lericony 1 year ago

Perfekt! Schon vorinstalliert und direkt einsatzbereit. Vielen Dank!

openletter 1 year ago

Simple and immediately able to scan. Wishlist: grayscale scanning - it's fast and makes smaller files for emailing.

TF23 1 year ago

Works without bugs on Samsung SCX-4600, but provides only basic features.

oscar225 1 year ago

It works in Linux Mint 19.2 cianmon 64 bits with Brother MFC-2700DW

Poetician 2 years ago

Works just fine for me. Very happy to use it.

Swiftymorgan 2 years ago

Doesn't work with Cannon LiDE 100 Black Strip on scans Mint 19.1 Old, well documented problem going back years

mramra 2 years ago

Siempre me había reconocido canonScan LIDE 25 pero ahora se bloquea la he desinstalado y uso gscan2pdf en Mint 19

inksi 3 years ago

use it day-in day-out, tweak quantity results with phatch, way to go.

ofamosofelippehd 3 years ago

O melhor software para digitalizar documentos e imagens no Linux.

Knezev87 3 years ago

Lepo radi

BazyTrue 3 years ago

I was even used printer which does not support Linux :) You just plug and it works!!! Check on web. Does not support HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One J410 Series , but it works!

Vasilis_K 4 years ago

Simple and plain as it should be. Doing its job just fine.

imperator 4 years ago


BernieLJ77 4 years ago

I can use my Canon MG3022 as a printer, and as a copier, but trying to use Simple Scan to scan something, well, it doesn't work, so I'm not a fan of it.

sp00l 4 years ago

super simple tool, does what it should do :-)

cmoi 4 years ago

Très simple à utiliser

nbk7 4 years ago

Simple (because it's easy to handle) and Great! The only scanning tool that works flawlessly with my epson multi-function printer! ! Love it!

juankvillegas 5 years ago

Very good and with the abillity to export a group of scanned documents as PDF.

Lettuce 5 years ago

Easy to scan and save single page or multi page as picture or PDF. Love it! Linux is "plug-and-play" with old Canon LiDE scanner that Windows is too proud to support. One more perfectly good peripheral saved from the scrap pile thanks to Linux.