Jump and run game like super mario world
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Secret maryo chronicles is an open source two-dimensional platform game with a style designed similar to classic sidescroller games.

it utilizes the platform independent library sdl and since version 0.98 with the opengli accelerated graphics renderer developed in c++.
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mani-b 7 years ago

Super Spiel, wird nie langweilig, macht immer Spass, wie das Original

Danlou 7 years ago

The game is ok but Supertux 2 is better. If you have problem with black screen, change resolution to 1024x768 first (or other 4:3 ratio) and then start SMC. It works for me on Linux Mint 17.2 Mate.

vra5107 8 years ago

Played it completely on LInux Mint KDE. It screws with the resolution after close the application. Install Display Configuration application (Not the default one, look for it inside software manager) before you start playing. This way you can reset the resolution after you are done playing.

nuagedeboucane 9 years ago

Worked only the very first time after install..... All the other times : made my desktop freeze. Had to go tty and reboot :-(

navruc 9 years ago

Not workin in Mint Xfce

quake0 9 years ago

not working on mint 15 mate 32 bit

Manny7901 9 years ago

Doesnt work in LM15 cinnamon.

Shin 10 years ago

CONFIRMED: you have to create a folder named "campaign" in /usr/share/games/smc/ to let it work.

andre_win 10 years ago

It doesn't work at all.... also dark screen then turn off Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon

philagaman 10 years ago

No worky, its a bit dark screen then turn off

Patsche 10 years ago

Works fine! But you have to create a folder named campaign in /usr/share/games/smc/ . Please start the game in a terminal and take a look for problems.

frikilui 10 years ago

No arranca en mint 13 xfce :(

Ceikon 10 years ago

Works fine on maya if you create a folder named campaign in /usr/share/games/smc/ but they should tell you how

PiGeek 10 years ago

Works fine on maya if you create a folder named campaign in /usr/share/games/smc/

Sweyn78 10 years ago

Doesn't run.

BozoDel 11 years ago

turn the camera movement to zero to make it decently playable. even then, not the greatest gameplay

BartonLennox 11 years ago

iLike ;D

rostovenergo 11 years ago


xovan 11 years ago

Great platformer, plays with gamepad well. Remember to pick up the music package or you'll only be getting half the fun. Not hard, not easy though. I would recommend this for folks who want a platformer or simple game with polish.

Timmythepirate 11 years ago

You have to turn it to the lowest speed possible to play, but awesome!