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beitme 1 month ago

bug: installed a snap package and two menu items were created for it. Deleted one menu item, and because the menu editor is buggy, both menu items were deleted. Tried restoring menu to original config, but the snap icon failed to reappear. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling snap package, and still no menu icon.

uberdonkey 5 months ago

Serves a purpose. So, ok, it's great if you have a problem with dependencies in installing some software. Deb/PPA would always be preferred installation for me to keep the system integrated and streamlined (you don't want to be installing the same software several times, which potentially you are doing with snap packages). However, there are times you just can't easily install software in another way, so it serves a useful function and works well. One important point is that it creates several small partitions on your hard drive to operate, so if you want to get rid of it completely 'remove' isn't enough, you must 'purge'. A short comparison of deb and snaps is here

rawaniajay 1 year ago

Awesome !