Classic 2D jump 'n run sidescroller with Tux
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SuperTux is a classic 2D jump 'n run sidescroller game in a similar style like the original SuperMario games. You play the role of Tux the Penguin, who must rescue Penny from the hands of the evil Nolok.
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dwmexe 1 year ago

Well made

Emperor_Bawk_Bawk 1 year ago

Great game, the level editor is my favorite. Always loved Super Mario style games.

eltalltree 1 year ago

A very nicely made game. The graphics are great, the music is excellent, the gameplay is a nice change of pace from the original mario games, and it has that little touch of Linux culture. Thank you, devs!

phil995511 2 years ago

Good game

karlosnoir 2 years ago

Excelente Juego al estilo Mario Bros :D :D

mrjohnbates 3 years ago

I'm not into to side-scroll games, so I'd be biased. My children do like those types of games, and despite an in-home library of over 30,000 estimated games across quite a few platforms, this is one of their most-played games.

Busybody 3 years ago

This would have to be THE MOST ANNOYING game I've ever played. The way your penguin character moves in response to keyboard controls is just so irritating!!!! I uninstalled this within minutes!

AndyCL 3 years ago

Sehr lustiges, kurzweiliges Spiel mit netter Grafik!

wedjlok 4 years ago

A fun game with a great retro feel and is amusing.

linuxfanboy 4 years ago

It is cool man!! why does it say supertux 2 in menu and here just supertux?

samthelinuxuser 5 years ago

AWESOME -explodes-

espion_mobile 5 years ago

Good job guys :)

Przechu 5 years ago

very good but supertux stable is more classical

iosonoscrive 5 years ago

Good super

DylanM 5 years ago

Great time waster for when you get board or when the internet goes out.

pedro9 5 years ago

Adorei o jogo, é muito bom para passar o tempo.

Mesut 5 years ago

Hoşuma gitti, bence güzel olmuş herkes bayılacaktır umarım

grchiper 5 years ago

Muito Bom!

Danlou 5 years ago

"Simple the best!". Amazing classic game for everyone in every age. Simple but beatiful graphic with simple but well balanced control. And be carefull... It can be addictive!

Wxnzxn 6 years ago

While it is a classic that's been around for years, after installing and playing it a bit for nostalgia's sake, it doesn't really hold up all that well. The indie gaming wave has really pushed the standard of what to expect from a platformer like this, and supertux just is way below average.