Swiss Railway Clock for the X Window System
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Swisswatch is a clock for the X desktop. It relies heavily on resources for configuration, and can be adjusted to a wide range of looks. While it can be configured completely via resources and provides looks for a Botta (SFMoMA) clock style, an oclock emulation and other appearances, it defaults to the style of a Swiss Railway Clock.
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WillieNAz 5 years ago

it leaves the minimize and close bar above the clock

Phuxxi 5 years ago

Very much a fan of the MacSlow Cairo Clock, set with a radium face, coarse adjustment to the seconds hand so it jumps second by second instead of sweeping. This program, on this Mint"software, can't acess the or a control interfaceto set clockface, size, and adjustment. It's also stuck with a panel and tool bar. on the desktop... Good program but at an impass for the time being.Nice but there is

blueXrider 12 years ago

quite nice