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"Mmmm sometimes it's a real work of art to make something simple, straight forward, easy to use and it is stable, reliable and it works. I like this program a lot.. And this has the really limited functions of timer (great), alarm, and the choices of the stock audio or you can select your own... love it. A few different timers 3 minutes sit down, 10 minutes active work = or variations of = hugely useful."
"Very much a fan of the MacSlow Cairo Clock, set with a radium face, coarse adjustment to the seconds hand so it jumps second by second instead of sweeping. This program, on this Mint"software, can't acess the or a control interfaceto set clockface, size, and adjustment. It's also stuck with a panel and tool bar. on the desktop... Good program but at an impass for the time being.Nice but there is "
"It's sort of fun, and you can end up with multiple cats chasing the pointer..., but also quickly annoying with no controls. The program works, but there are NO gui controls, and although you can control it by command line, the website has no instructions for linux except for downloading some compressed files. Site has not been updated since 1999 (or there abouts) . Ceases to be a novelty and quickly becomes a distraction, obscruction and annoyance. Very annoying when you need to locate and place the pointer a real lot. Worth a look, but uninstall is the easiest control option. Uninstall + Task Manager - kill = problem solved."