Light weight e-mail client with GTK+
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Sylpheed is an e-mail client which aims for: * Quick response * Graceful, and sophisticated interface * Easy configuration, intuitive operation * Abundant features The appearance and interface are similar to some popular e-mail clients for Windows, such as Outlook Express or so. The interface is also designed to emulate the mailers on Emacsen, and almost all commands are accessible with the keyboard.
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jepe 4 years ago

Sylpheed is a pleasant surprise. It is tiny, it is lightweight, that is, fast (!!), and doesn't slow down anything. It does not have HTML formatting, but it shows the attachment pictures in the mail that you receive, so, it is perfect.
Thanks to Sylpheed, I can open mail application even when I have two browsers with over 100 tabs, plus 5 Libreoffice documents, and sometimes a video editor already running.
I really love Sylpheed :) I used Thunderbird for over ten years, but switching to Sylpheed took only one minute – that's all it takes to install and configure it.

novell 6 years ago

Работает, не вылетает,прост в настройке! Но не идеальное приложение (нет уведомлении на иконке в tray и не все возможности настройки).

SauPhi 7 years ago

Complet et présente bien mais n'affiche pas les message en HTML. Un comble en 2015. Poubelle !

harrygrey 7 years ago

Does not work with German language

burjans 9 years ago

Ligth, simple and fast

ZAAR 9 years ago

Sehr schlanker Mail-Client, kaum Arbeitsspeicherverbrauch. Für effektive Arbeit aber ZU einfach, im Vergleich zu vollen Mail-Clients wie Thunderbird. Vernünftige HTML-Darstellung leider auch nicht möglich.

Gaius 9 years ago

2nd only to Claws Mail.

KenZel 10 years ago

Really pleased to have stumbled upon this excellent emal client

ulysses 11 years ago

my favorites for many years

josefg 11 years ago

claws is almost identical, but seems better featured

thor480 11 years ago

Hmmm thunderbird is better

Germmare 11 years ago

THUNDERBIRD is my choice !

infoteamlegnano 12 years ago

fast, but sometimes hangs up

Mitzh 12 years ago

simple and fast... exelent search and filter functions

legosz 12 years ago

Delightful mail client.

aprilland 12 years ago

Really lightweight and fast, stable and reliable! Perfect for easy managing large amounts of daily mail.

JumaX9 12 years ago

Faster than thunderbird and evolution

aljoriz 12 years ago

use this instead of thunderbird

robertofmj 12 years ago

Fast, light, and easy to configure. Nice Tray icon that show news mails. Very Similar with Evolution Mail. But has a native icon, and is 2 x more light (minimal ram usage).

Jganulin 12 years ago

Very Fast