Strike down super high-velocity swooping insects
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Titanion is an abstract shooter game. While you fire with one button, the other one acts as a tractor ray to attract the enemies and take them to the combat line. The game in itself is quite simple, but with such graphics and playability that it's worth a try.

Titanion is another gem among many by Kenta Cho.
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discolust 6 years ago

Another absolutely gorgeous game from the great Kenta Cho!

drone12 8 years ago

If you liked the old arcade game Galaga, you will love Titanion. This versioin has great sound, The graphics are simple yet sharp and stylish. Nicely done!

Mintification 9 years ago

Insanity near its finest. Titanion has great sound, abstract vector graphics and insane gameplay that makes it a game you come back to play again. The only things really missing is a bit of changing background scenery and boss fights. Still, it's a very addictive game.