Save battery power on laptops
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TLP is an advanced power management tool for Linux. It comes with a default configuration already optimized for battery life. At the same time it is highly customizable to fulfil specific user requirements.

TLP supplies separate settings profiles for AC and battery power and can enable or disable bluetooth, WiFi and WWAN radio devices upon system startup.

For ThinkPads it provides a unified way to configure charging thresholds and recalibrate the battery for all models which support it (via tp-smapi or acpi-call).

TLP is a pure command line tool with automated background tasks, it does not contain a GUI.
Latest reviews
sigurd 3 months ago

Running perfectly on a Asus C302

roman_neverov 1 year ago

It works!

abrahaofs 2 years ago

Saved my life! No conflicts with cpufrequtils!

cmoi 2 years ago

Tr├Ęs efficace, simple d'utilisation et param├Ętrable... Au top

zboraon 2 years ago

Great! It is good to see it in the official repos.

tjeri 3 years ago

Fantastic. Saves 2 Hours battery.