displays an indented directory tree, in color
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Tree is a recursive directory listing command that produces a depth indented listing of files, which is colorized ala dircolors if the LS_COLORS environment variable is set and output is to tty.
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SilenceIsG0lden 3 years ago

I was looking for a tool like this for a long time since switching to Linux! And to make it "better" for those of us coming from Windows, you don't have to use it only from the Terminal, just add it to the Nemo file manager to start it via right click context menu selection (for details see this forum post Note: In case you think nothing happened once you right-clicked and chose "Print tree" - open your browser, it'll dump the results in there and you can print it. Thank you for this tool!!

TMol22 3 years ago

Just added back into my new toolkit. Loved it in Mint v18, 19 and now in 20. Thanks!

rahul 4 years ago

Exactly what I've been looking for.