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Ubuntu tweak is an application designed to config ubuntu easier for everyone.

it provided many useful desktop and system options that the default desktop environment isn’t provided.

features of ubuntu tweak:
* view of basic system information(distribution, kernel, cpu, memory, etc.)
* gnome session control
* auto start program control
* quick install common usded applications
* a lot of third-party sources to keep application up-to-date
* clean unneeded packages or cache to free the disk space
* show/hide and change splash screen
* show/hide desktop icons or mounted volumes
* show/hide/rename computer, home, trash icon or network icon
* tweak metacity window manager’s style and behavior
* compiz fusion settings, screen edge settings, window effects settings, menu
effect settings
* set the shortcuts to let qucikly access your favourite applications
* gnome panel settings
* nautilus settings
* advanced power management settings
* system security settings
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imperator 6 years ago


toto_de_France 8 years ago

Application abandonnée depuis le 02 mai 2016.

iosonoscrive 8 years ago

very useful very useful

serikz 8 years ago

Err... "Unable to start paskage "ubuntu-tweak" Mint 17.2

Amitx86 8 years ago

Supports Unity, Gnome best, may have some vital functions not working under Cinnamon,XFCE and others, rocks under Ubuntu with Unity. It is a tool for advanced users who know what they are doing on their machine!

Multimedix 8 years ago

Not very usefull for Mint-Cinnamon! Good for Ubuntu Unity!

kherring7383 9 years ago

I usually install Ubuntu Tweak with each new install, but lately I've only used it to clean the cache and remove repository links. To me I can do with out it since I now use a script to clean up the unwanted packages and cache and use synaptic to maintain the repositories. So I no longer need it and plan to remove it. If your a Ubuntu user it's a good tool but for Mint it's a waste of disk space when all you do is use a few of its options.

Mato 9 years ago

Mnogo jako predobar program. Mislim na Janitor, najavno.

mathpfvr 9 years ago

Excelente no Ubuntu com o Unity já que a sua integração de personalização é melhor lá. Só falta função de mover a barra do Unity já que ela na parte da esqueda fica muito estranho. O programa é excelente, além de personalizar permite limpar o cache, remover kernel antigo do sistema, entre outros. Recomendo o download.

isomage 9 years ago

Still the best

JCH2 9 years ago

What joke. Unless running Ubunty Unity, there are few options hat have any real affect on "tweaking" the actual environment layer. And I somehow remember this utility having a lot more to it the last time I looked a while back.

HerrDierk 9 years ago

Interesting program. I think linux needs this one

Robco 9 years ago

Funguje aj na linux mint 17 qiana. Odporucam.

Janusz 10 years ago

Sprawdza się w LM i Ubuntu, cenię szczególnie za proste czyszczenie systemu.

skevenelis 10 years ago


killkenny 11 years ago

Obrigatorio. é das primeiras coisas que instalo num sistema novo.

hnatyuk 11 years ago

Very good

Falconet 11 years ago

Should come preinstalled

6dandl6 11 years ago

It reminds me of the Ccleaner app for windows. Especially useful for cleaning packages that are not needed. Works for me.

Uk6gm5b5PqDhtPhVu6Ds 11 years ago