easy-to-use download manager written in GTK+
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Uget (formerly urlgfe) is a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use download manager. It provides the following features: * Resume downloads. * Queue downloads. * Classify downloads in categories. * Mozilla Firefox integration (through Flashgot plugin). * Clipboard monitoring. * Import downloads import from HTML files. * Batch download.

It also can be launched from the command line.
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richolate 9 months ago

tiene algunos detalles por mejorar, pero me agrada creo que funciona bien. (It has some details to improve, but I like it, I think it works well.)

TheDarkKnight 1 year ago

Pathetic app, none of Linux downloaders work, how do you install Internet Download Manager (IDM) on Linux?

zack 1 year ago

Perfect to download my mp3 podcast list, my favorite function is the import by txt file

beitme 2 years ago

A little buggy for me. For example, the clipboard listener will only load one request while the app is open. If I want to make another request, I have to restart the app.

davidsoncs 3 years ago

O melhor de todos para linux

aihime 3 years ago

Great Software for downloading and managing downloaded files.

Elzoog 4 years ago

Uget functions as both a file manager and a download manager with no way of seperating the two different functionalities. So, removing the file from the download manager is the same as removing the file from your hard drive. There is a "remove" feature that merely changes the icon next to the file in the GUI (so you get to see old downloads). The only workaround is to move the files to a differnt directory using an actual file manager and then deleting them from the uget queue. Also, if your download is interrupted because your Internet connection dropped, having a partially downloaded file in the queue can cause the program to crash. Currently, despite removing uget and reinstalling it, it is now giving me a segmentation fault if I try to run it. Will now have to look for a differnt download manager.

Knezev87 4 years ago

Useful for the control limits downloads

warunadmc 4 years ago

Installed to Mint 19 cinnamon. working really well. fantatstic piece of download manager. must add if you're a heavy downloader.

lovegildo 5 years ago

melhor que o IDM do windows gostei de primeira.

altandeniz 5 years ago

Best download manager out there. Much better than IDM on windows. Just copy youtube url and download on uGet that easy. Open source rocks

kalantaj 6 years ago

i can't select detination folder and can't set proxy.

ssdmanster 6 years ago

Best Than IDM xD LOOOL

rafaelazevedo 6 years ago

Muito foda, tão bom quanto o internet download manager do windows.

brunodalcruz 6 years ago

Muito bom, mas para que ele possa acelerar o download. Terá que ir na aba categoria, propriedades, na aba padrão para novos downloads, aumentar o máximo de conexões para 16 e pronto. Valendo lembrar que ele vai estabilizar o download no máximo de sua conexão. Abraços

abkstar1998 7 years ago

its like a flashget in windows its there something like idm

linx123 7 years ago


vitwits 7 years ago

Great app!

sagit2002 8 years ago

As good and equivalent to IDM

psychose 8 years ago