View, edit and compile LaTeX documents from within Vim
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Vim-latexsuite attempts to provide a comprehensive set of tools to view, edit and compile LaTeX documents in Vim. Together, they provide tools starting from macros to speed up editing LaTeX documents to functions for forward searching .dvi documents.

This package also provides help to LaTeX in Vim.

By default, vim-latexsuite is not enabled. Please read /usr/share/doc/vim-latexsuite/README.Debian after installing the package.
Latest reviews
farnaby 9 years ago

Well, if you want to use vim to edit TeX-files, install this of course.

hexram 9 years ago

Help for LaTex handling in the best editor ever.

inhuman_4 10 years ago

This makes latex very easy, if you know vim and latex, this is your heaven.

jmac 10 years ago

if you like vim and latex this is a no brainer.