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Oracle vm virtualbox
22 reviews

Virtualbox is a powerful pc virtualization solution allowing you to run a wide range of pc operating systems on your linux system. this includes windows, linux, freebsd, dos, openbsd and others. virtualbox comes with a broad feature set and excellent performance, making it the premier virtualization software solution on the market.

User reviews:

3 years ago
3 A little complicated to use here and there depending on what you're up to but it works. I'd rather just use Wine for Windows needs though.

4 years ago
3 outdated version now

4 years ago
5 k3b

5 years ago
4 Use it only for the odd program that needs other OSes

5 years ago
3 Very!

6 years ago
5 i like it!!!

6 years ago
5 Indispensable for test & dev, always nice to have a VM host program that runs VM OS's perfectly (until I purposely mess them up, haha), highly suggest looking at virtualbox's website to get the latest package and repository listing however

6 years ago
5 Incredible! First time I installed a VM. Runs very fast with Windows XP, and absolutely smooth. Recognizes my iPhone in iTunes with USB filtering.

6 years ago
5 It's a wonderful piece of software. Very easy to setup and use.

6 years ago
5 Great virtual machine

6 years ago
5 Really nice tool!

6 years ago
5 Wonderful, amazing, always seems to work when Wine doesn't. Let me run my Windows Palm Desktop software and sync perfectly with my handheld. This applet me finally move my hardware entirely to Linux without losing a couple of key legacy apps. Bravo!

6 years ago
5 Goodbye Wine, Hello VirtualBox. Great way to keep and and use other operating systems, without having to partition or dedicate a hard drive. Been using it for a year now, no problems except USB issue which can be resolved.

6 years ago
5 Brilliant cross-platform virtualisation tool. Brilliant.

6 years ago
5 works fine with win xp, win7, ubuntu, lubuntu, and other ops - I like it!!!

6 years ago
5 Great VM, comparable to VMware Workstation, and it's free and open source

6 years ago
5 Génial. Que dire de plus.

6 years ago
4 Must have app for those who'd like a test of every one of operating system there is!

6 years ago
5 4.1.8 is very reliable. No issues, even when starting and stopping multiple virtual machines a lot. Host-networking is well-thought-out. Nothing leaves the host network. I'm liking Virtualbox 4.1 more than VMWare workstation 8. The only drawback is trying to migrate machines from VMWare to Virtualbox. Can be very frustrating, but that's not Virtualbox's fault.

7 years ago
5 This is a great product and comes close to VMWare... it would be even closer if USB and Shared directories came installed out of the box. This is a misconception in licensing though as the NON Free version that has these functionalities enabled is aslo free to the same base of people... IE Personal Users and Accademics. Why make such an awsome product a bear to work with for things like this? Anyway... it is an awesome free product! Please list the NON Free up front next time though :)

7 years ago
4 Better than VirtualBox-ose. Disadvantage - can not connect your sound card. Connects on-board or Soundblaster 16. Therefore it is impossible to work well in soundforge etc. On the computer has to leave Windows. But USB - OK!

7 years ago
5 Easy to use. Now my packaged Windows7 works and I can use iTunes. Use the repository from Oracle for the newest release and don't forget to download/install the extension pack for USB.