X86 virtualization solution - Qt based user interface
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VirtualBox is a free x86 virtualization solution allowing a wide range of x86 operating systems such as Windows, DOS, BSD or Linux to run on a Linux system.

This package provides the Qt based graphical user interface for VirtualBox.
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josta 1 month ago

Ich mag dieses Programm und vor allem macht es eines: funktionieren.

stefeno 3 months ago

After upgrade from LinuxMint 19.3 to 20.04, now with new version of VB, it has stopped to run. I've tried every thing, reinstalled old version too, but nothing!

vahidbeh 4 months ago

after updating the kernel to (5.4.0-37) it stops working. if that happened, install virtualbox 6 from Oracle website.

dmason 5 months ago

This open-source software does what other programs charge hundreds of dollars for on Windows and Mac! I highly recommend this software for running Windows programs. For Installation, I also recommend you download VBox here from the store (Mintinstall) as it's stability has been thoroughly tested. It’s always riskier to download software from the website in the browser than install from the store because it has not been tested by the maintainers and your OS is more likely to break. This version seems to get the job done. Thanks for reading!

Markel 7 months ago

INSTALL: Installs with one click! Adds a beautiful, high resolution icon where expected to Menu. USAGE: Launches flawlessly right into the application. By default it stores files to your home directory so it's easy to compartmentalize. UPDATES: It's old. As of March 21, 2020, the most recent version on the website is 6.0.18 but the most recent one in the Mint Shop is 5.2.34 from Oct 15, 2019. The most recent 5.x one is 5.2.38 released on Feb 21, so it's not even the most updated 5.x. DESCRIPTION: The short description is jargony and the full description in the store is even worse. If you don't know what this app does, reading the description won't help you. The icon in the store is beautiful, but the screenshot is with an Ubuntu host so not accurate.

PlazmaKG 7 months ago

Virtual Box is extremmely powerful software and I really like it. This package provides version 5 though, if you want the newest, more updated version, get the .deb file off of Oracle's website.

FinixFighter 1 year ago

The best app for trying new OSs!

rangelteste 1 year ago

Bom! Se tiver problemas para usar USB

eduardosilva 1 year ago

Serve perfeitamente e é até melhor que a concorrência. Só é pena que não consigo activar os USBs.

b457 1 year ago

Excellent software. Use this daily.

bigricom 1 year ago

you all asking for 6.0 update should pay attention to the link to the website.... ijs

jack21 1 year ago

Please update pkg to v6.0. I couldn't get software from Segull Scientific to run on the 5.2 VM, but works perfectly on v6.0!

cesar_henriq 1 year ago

software outdated of very time, virtual box is in version 6.0 on publisher site

longnguyen2306 2 years ago

Very good app. Please keep on the development!

serdarsaglam 2 years ago

Çok iyi sorunsuz çalışıyor her türlü işletim sistemini Linux üstünde çalıştırabiliyoruz

faresmilev 2 years ago

Amazing Aplication, you must have it on linux.

aostar 2 years ago

very good !!!!!!!!123123123

luanhanke 2 years ago

Muito bom para uso academico ou pessoal, interface intuitiva e facil de usar.

tuganetworks 2 years ago

Aplicação está Obsoleta e não compactivel com Kernel 4.13.xx

ld1duck 2 years ago

Works perfectly on Mint 18.1 ... It has been much more reliable than VMware player