Allows simple local network file sharing.
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laury_croft 3 months ago

Es fabuloso, no tuve ningun tipo de problema y pude conectarlo con todos mis dispositivos y compartir sin complicaciones, me encanta.

wayne2056 1 year ago

Finally file sharing between networked pc's without any hassle. Thank You!

Punt 1 year ago

Great app, very helpful! Only bug I've seen (no idea where to report it) is that I have it set to open automatically on startup with the main window CLOSED (i.e. toggle the switch on to start automatically and toggle the switch off to start with main window open), but on every boot it starts with the main window OPEN.

MaximBomba 1 year ago

Pretty useful app. Works fine.

brose 1 year ago

This is truly an "awesome!" app! It simplifies networking for thoes of us with little knowledge of the subject. This laptop and 2 desktops instantly found one another on my home network without any help from me.

lericony 1 year ago

Wäre ein nettes Tool fürs Heimnetz – wenn es zuverlässig funktionieren würde. Ständig werden andere Geräte nicht gefunden, obwohl sie bereit sind. So bringt es mir wenig.

scalpa 1 year ago

Very convenient tool, fast and offering wireless file transfer without uploading anything on the web. Just one small bug: trying to upload a big music folder from my Mintbox to my Android phone, I got an error as it tried to upload an mp3 file beginning with a # (which is part of the title), then the whole process was interrupted and I had to start the whole thing again. After removing the # from the file name, it worked.

Swiftymorgan 2 years ago

Version 1.2.4 and 1.2.9 Flatpack no longer works with Mint 20 . Mint 19.3 Still OK but glitchy. Warpinator worked flawlessly between all my devices mint 20 and 19 and old and new android until mid December 2021.

abelkuzivancube 2 years ago

I liked Warpinator the first time I used it. It ran for a few days then refused to co-operate all of a sudden. Now it's unstable. Some mornings it works, others it just won't budge. Tried everything - port changes, firewall rules blah blah, no good. I wanted to make this a crucial part of my computer lab's intranet file sharing but the problem is that it only works on the first install (if it feels like it) and then when you try to boot up the machines the next day, "No other computers found..." There seems to be an issue that the developers need to fix regarding network interfaces. Devices on the same network using different connection methods (some on ethernet, some on wi-fi) fail to detect each other or if they happen do so, they appear to be offline. Desktops on ethernet "sometimes" detect and willingly connect to laptops on wi-fi. Please fix this issue.

FinixFighter 2 years ago

Very useful for moving files from a computer to another one connected to the same network, without the need of USB keys or external drives. Great app!

Friedel 2 years ago

Geniales Tool! Die wohl einfachste Methode, Dateien und Ordner zwischen Smartphone und PC drahtlos auszutauschen.

mjoens41 2 years ago

I've been wishing for something like this for a LONG time, it works great, even on really large video files, and it can do multiple transfers in one batch. Computer to computer or computer to phone, nice work team :)

jerome6969 2 years ago

Bravo pour cette application ! Enfin une solution simple pour transférer un fichier de son téléphone vers son PC ou l'inverse.

grekosys 3 years ago

Funcionaba muy bien, despues ya no pude abrirlo, lo desinstale e instale de nuevo y nada que funciona

maelws999 3 years ago

Super application, very speed and useful