command-line tool to obtain weather conditions and forecasts
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This utility is intended to provide quick access to current weather conditions and forecasts. Presently, it is capable of providing data for localities throughout the United States of America and some select locations globally by retrieving and processing METAR data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and forecasts from the National Weather Service.

The weather-util-data package is recommended to enable searches for nearby sources of weather data--otherwise you have to look up and build configuration for all the data source URIs yourself.
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kpaxscientist 7 years ago

I love this CLI weather. Unfortunately as of 8/25/2016 no longer supports the current directory. The new directory for the stations is located at

Michael_D121 8 years ago

Fast and simple. Just type in my local airport code with a k added in front. The K is standard NWS format. -f option to include a local forecast. Example "weather kdec -f" yields current weather and forecast for Decatur Illinois. -a gives you alerts and if you want metric units just include -m. Very straight forward.

nhmarshall 9 years ago


jsukow 10 years ago

Great for getting the weather from the command line. You may need to install weather-util-data manually to get it to work. I did.

Zaplanincan 11 years ago

Doing a very good job. Quick and effective.

blueXrider 12 years ago

screenlets do a better job

kd7eth 13 years ago

Nice little command line program for getting weather info. It's a keeper.