Fantasy turn-based strategy game - complete suite (branch 1.8)
  8 reviews

This package depends on the complete set of packages built from the wesnoth source package but the server (which can be found in the wesnoth-1.8-server package), most helpful if you always want to have all the official campaigns installed. if you only want to play over the network with other players or want to play only a few campaigns you just need to install the wesnoth-1.8-core package and the wanted campaign packages.

battle for control of villages, using variety of units which have advantages and disadvantages in different types of terrains and against different types of attacks. units gain experience and advance levels, and are carried over from one scenario to the next in a campaign.
Latest reviews
smitty_the_smith 11 years ago

Best turn based game in Linux. Better than the original.

hass 12 years ago

very good.

Idumea 12 years ago

One of the highest quality open source games I have played. Hours of varied fun, great soundtrack, interesting campaigns - overall a top-notch game.

changke 12 years ago

one of the best games on Linux!

A--M 12 years ago

great Game!

gesthal 12 years ago

Best turn-based strategy game i ever played.

jajodo 12 years ago

OK graphics but lots of fun

clovek1 12 years ago

It is cool!