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wired and wireless network manager - metapackage
24 reviews

Wicd is a general-purpose network configuration server which aims to provide a simple but flexible interface for connecting to networks. Its features include:
* wide variety of settings;
* ability to connect to (and maintain profiles for) both wired and
wireless networks;
* support for many encryption schemes, including WEP, WPA, WPA2 and
custom schemes;
* wireless-tools compatibility;
* tray icon showing network activity and signal strength;
* lack of GNOME dependencies (although it does require GTK+), making it
easy to use in Xfce, Fluxbox, Openbox, Enlightenment, etc.
This is a metapackage, it allows installation of all the components of Wicd, including one of the clients, which must be manually chosen.

User reviews:

1 year ago
5 If you have issue check this:

2 years ago
1 Most problematic Networking Application I've seen in decades. Never had any problems with Networking until this app was installed. It's been completely removed & I still have issues.

2 years ago
5 Much better than the default network manager!

3 years ago
3 breaks everything on LM 17.2 after a restart, other than that it works extremely well.

3 years ago
5 It worked far better than the default network manager on my older notebook. Even let me change the name of the wireless adapter to what the system changed it to.

5 years ago
5 sip!

5 years ago
5 I prefer it over Network manager, but seems to be made more difficult to install in place of NM with each new upgrade.

5 years ago
2 Had a very hard time getting it to work. First it was a DBUS problem then a daemon problem and finally it wouldn't let me view wireless networks. This thing is very troublesome, but i had to use it in order for my wireless adapter to work. Had to get a few patches and now it works, but it doesn't work all too great. How about someone release a version that doesn't have bugs out the butt.

5 years ago
5 great network manager

6 years ago
1 Locks up mint when I leave my usual network. I thought the default manager doesn't work but actually I just have to wait for it to populate the list and then scroll the mouse over the icon in the panel.

6 years ago
1 Wow, this thing is buggy; it locks up mint whenever I try to connect to a wireless network.

6 years ago
5 Network Manager mess with wpa_supplicant and my wifi card: WICD resolve problems out of the box.

6 years ago
5 It is working great!

7 years ago
4 does this allow net conection sharing?

7 years ago
5 Best one out there

7 years ago
5 The default network manager freezed my computer. Wicd is my hero.

7 years ago
5 After installing wicd and completely removing network manager my netbook is working wireless !

7 years ago
5 I had trouble with the default network applet, but wicd fixed my wireless issues.

7 years ago
3 simple and easy to use but i prefer the default network manager

8 years ago
5 wicd worked like a charm when Network Manager, the default wirless app for Mint 10 KDE kept nagging for "secret for.." password prompts with and without kwallet and other forum suggestions. Also, I thought my video streaming problem was with Flash but no wicd clearned up that god awful buffering situation too. Thanks for making Linux wifi accessible for newbies like me wicd maintaners.

8 years ago
5 I like it so much!!!! Especially after anguish with network manager

8 years ago
4 Great replacement for NetworkManger, always does the job properly.

8 years ago
5 Nice on resources and you can save your PW without default key.

8 years ago
4 An easy-to-use utility that does its job well.