Windows API implementation - standard suite
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Wine is a free MS-Windows API implementation. This is still a work in progress and many applications may still not work.

This package provides essential wrappers and convenience tools for the standard Wine components. It also employs the Debian alternatives system to provide the usual command names, e.g. "wine" instead of "wine-stable".
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cleverbastard 5 months ago

Le seul qui ne fout pas le souk et qui est 100% efficace si on apprend a s'en servir. Je deconseille tous les autres.

unspammenow 5 months ago

works good loaded from software manager in mint cinnamon 19.3 but I only run old utilities programs and not cutting edge games.

yigit_burak 10 months ago

it is really much old version of wine better get from official resource

Radim 11 months ago

If you are looking for "Wine", you want the package "Wine-installer"! It's the Linux Mint way how to get a simple and up-to-date wine on your PC. This version you are looking at currently is way old for modern gaming.

rawaniajay 11 months ago

It's good to use 32 bit windows apps on Linux!

tn5421 1 year ago

I really like the software, but the version in the official repo is incredibly out of date. Use the package offered by winehq instead.

Winpaul005 1 year ago

Crap better get torrent windows 7

shundread 1 year ago

+1 for get the latest version:

davisrs 1 year ago

I am having great performance with version 3.11, but this is version 1.6! When is the repository going to be updated to a version that works?

tonywhelan 2 years ago

To get latest version:

thefountainhead 2 years ago

wine 3.0 ile proteus 8.6 çalışabiliyor.ufak bir problem bazen program menülerindeki text alanları okunmuyor.

NeZZy 2 years ago

not bad

LordBoltar 2 years ago

Yep This really needs to be update

CommissarPloss 2 years ago

for the love of christ can we get a compatible update for Mint?! latest stable xenial release for wine is 3.0... there's really no excuse

lyubomyrko 2 years ago

Емулятор супер! Але чому він не оновлюється? Корисна програма.

FLOWXP 2 years ago

Great, but now update since forever !!

Caltrop 2 years ago

Loads of errors, PlayOnLinux does not recognize & has newer versions.

zNigel- 2 years ago

pretty good

Rhea 2 years ago

Особого смысла не вижу, при объеме, а это без малого более 1 гб. данной програмулины, проще поставить Virtualbox и накатить полноценную Win пусть по объему в 2 раза больше но зато полноценная поддержка. Тем более в 2017 году практически все программы заточены под архитектуру x64, которую Wine еще не поддерживает полноценно.

BazyTrue 2 years ago

Dzięki niemu działają słowniki multimedialne, kursy językowe multimedialne. Warto używać.