Galaga-like arcade game
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WING is a galaga knock-off arcade game. It features high quality pre-rendered graphics, dynamically generated stars in background, single player game against computer controlled opponents, 6 levels of play, digital sound effects, digital music streams, and a high score list.
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kald 8 years ago

Fun, but it does not got any settings for the full screen.ممتعة، الا ان اللعبة تحتاج الى اعدادات في خصائص الشاشة

Mintification 12 years ago

Wing does a great job of reinventing the original galaga arcade game. However, it would have more potential if it was further developed as a standalone game, rather than being a galaga clone. For what it attempts, it does an excellent job, but is still rather simple as an arcade game, and lacks polish. As a galaga clone, great. Otherwise, needs improvement.