GTK+ frontend for most used compression formats
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Xarchiver is a lightweight desktop independent GTK+ frontend for manipulating xz, 7z, lzma, arj, bzip2, gzip, rar, tar, zip, rpm, lz4, compress, zstd, lzip, lrzip, lzop, lha, ar files including the deb format and self-extracting exe files, if they were internally compressed with either 7zip, arj, lha, rar or zip. Multi-threading tools such as lbzip2, pbzip2, pigz and plzip can be used as replacements for their respective counterparts.

Xarchiver allows you to create archives and add, extract, and delete files from them. Password protected archives in the arj, 7z, rar, zip and lrzip formats are supported.
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vincpa 4 years ago

One thing which made me want to leave a comment here is the speed at which it opens big archives. When I used "Archive Manager" it took several minutes to open gigabyte sized archives. xarchive just opens it instantly so you can work with it.

Quexos 8 years ago

Did not see a way to make a split archive.

Frugivore 8 years ago

Quite spartane and above all, buggy.

Mintification 11 years ago

Very decent archive manager, does a good job being very lightweight at the same time.

Inoki 12 years ago

Not very useful. There are better alternatives out there.

StratosJL 13 years ago

one stop shop for archive handling!