simple and featureful IRC client for GNOME
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XChat-GNOME is an IRC chat program, based on the popular X-Chat IRC client, designed with an emphasis on simplicity. It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations and much more.
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imperator 3 years ago


sigurd1701 9 years ago

even mint standard, 1st being deinstalled

defcon 9 years ago

it sucks!

RobinJ 9 years ago

Urk... If you want to use XChat, don't use this version.

wanda 9 years ago

Nicht schlecht aber weniger einstel moglichkeiten.

sarhan 9 years ago

it sucks !

adirusf 10 years ago

too simple xchat is more useful

Xyie 10 years ago

All the basic settings I wanted to change were inaccessible in this last time I used it, and while apparently still available by editing gconf, were inaccessible to me as a basic, general user. In fact, the default settings I found very annoying and frustratingly hard to change. I thought XChat wasn't the client for me until I tried regular xchat. I'll have to review this again to see if it's changed since last time I used it.

chernobit 10 years ago

Perhaps the best graphical IRC client for Mint, even though it lacks some things to be perfect.