weather information plugin for the Xfce4 panel
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The weather plugin displays information about the current weather according your timezone and settings. It allows one to search weather location code in the same plugin and displays weather status in little icons.

Features include: - Temperature, atmospheric pressure and state. - Wind speed, gust, and direction. - Humidity, Visibility, Dew-point, UV Index.
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CoolHappyGuy 3 years ago

I really like this plugin! I have 2 weather apps on Android but this has far more detailed information. This is the part of my panel that i reference most often. I wish I could have this information on my phone.

lib2know 8 years ago

when using weatherapps the other side can track you day by day ...

jahid_0903014 9 years ago


jmcbri 9 years ago

Was HUGE fan! Not working as of ~1 Oct 2014. No binary to update. Source requires too many things to compile. Oh well! Thanks guys!! Was really great while it lasted!!

Grimalkin 10 years ago

Easy on the eye. Easy to set up. Not over complicated. Like it

dvdcnl 10 years ago

package needs to upgrade to 0.8...0.7 not supported anymore

Xyie 13 years ago

Feels more polished than the comparable Gnome applet. I really like the one-click forecast, which is intuitively read, much like watching the weather on a TV news program.