Futuristic racing game
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Xracer is a Wipeout clone, distributed under the GPL. It should be able to use any OpenGL 1.1 compliant library. A 3D accelerator card is required.

This is the game data and binary.

If you want to build new tracks or other game data, you may also want to install the xracer-tools package.
Latest reviews
MoRZiLLo 8 years ago

Es muy viejo...el que más.! No se le puede pedir más a éste juego!

Revolver 9 years ago

shit graphics...

Mintification 9 years ago

xracer is a game with a good concept but currently poor execution. Graphics and gameplay are in desperate need of polishing, and it suffers from glitches/bugs often.

speedshiq 9 years ago

didnt work

ReckouNT 10 years ago

Need screen

nuremberg 11 years ago

Tested in a friend's pc, it's good and track editor works fine.