Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server
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Xrdp offers a graphical login to a remote client using RDP (the Remote Desktop Protocol). xrdp can connect to a locally created X.org session with the xorgxrdp drivers, to a VNC X11 server, and forward to another RDP server.

xrdp accepts connections from freerdp, rdesktop, and the built-in terminal server / remote desktop clients of Microsoft Windows operating systems. In the xorgxrdp (which replaces X11RDP) and VNC modes, it provides a fully functional Linux terminal server, offering an X-Window desktop to the user. In the RDP or VNC forwarding mode, any sort of desktop can be used.
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fometeo 3 years ago

until Mint 19 best way to have RDP working is from a terminal using sudo apt install -y xrdp xorgxrdp freerdp-x11 however at Mint 20 xrdp does not work by two ways: one connects and just shows (once) the welcome first step options, or states an error: Could not acquire name on session bus

Mr_Anderson 4 years ago

I installed Xrdp and Xorgxrdp. The login dialog lets you choose different session types. I am using Xorg. Saving your creditials on the windows side will allow you to access your linux desktop with one mouse click from the widows computer. Works well with accessing the Mint desktop from a windows box. Using Linux Mint 19.1 and accessing it from a windows 7 computer. I get good graphics and a very usable experience. Only problem is with sound. I can't get it to play on the linux box or have it tunneled to the Windows computer. I'm sure there is a tweak out there to fix that, but I have not found it yet. FYI: When you close the session, logout on the linux end to disconnect or you will not be able to remote back into the linux box.

ebelie 10 years ago

Keyboard map does not work + other issues (e.g. d-key = show desktop).

jonas-e 11 years ago

as a breeze!

warkd 11 years ago

Works well...

Arpy 11 years ago

Really useful software.

dinosb 11 years ago

Works really nice! Like it!

adrien_borrie 11 years ago

Worked straight up, Linux Mint Maya 64 bit server Win 7 32 bit client

kip- 13 years ago

my remote support services just work fantastic with this!