A single-player, text-based, roguelike game
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Zangband is a single-player, roguelike game, based on Angband. Like Angband, Zangband features unique foes, artifacts, monster pits and vaults. Additionally, Zangband offers a new spell system (life, sorcery, nature, chaos, death magic), a different monster list, speaking unique foes, rumours, warrants, new ego items, backstabbing from rogues, poisoned weapons, and much more.
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LinuxFan5 5 years ago

Hahah funny!

cypher-neo 9 years ago

Zangband satisfies everything any dungeon crawler could want! Multiple dungeons strewn across a vast wilderness filled with hostile creatures and occasional cities provide endless hours of entertainment. Zangband can also be played in Vanilla mode for players who only want a deep dungeon with no wilderness quests.

captainhaggy 11 years ago

Zangband ist ein Dungeoncrawler-Spiel für die Textkonsole mit einer Anlehnung an Tolkiens Angband. Für Tolkiensüchtige und Konsolenjunkies genau die richtige Langzeitunterhaltung ... denn mit einem Tag Spielzeit kommt man kaum bis Level 100 hinab!