arcade action puzzle game
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Zaz is an arcade action puzzle game where the goal is to get rid of all incoming balls by rearranging their order and making triplets. It currently includes 12 different levels. The game's name is recursive and stands for "Zaz ain't Z".

A 3D accelerator is needed for decent gameplay.
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Moem 2 years ago

I agree that the graphics could be better, but the gameplay is very good. The game is stable on 19.3 for me. The unnatural mouse movement in some of the levels adds to the excitement!

Ichag 10 years ago

it crashes very often

greenman-23 10 years ago

great game but a bit buggy on loading.. repeatedly crashes at the splash screen.

immortel 11 years ago

It is hard but very fun. The graphics could be better.

kneekoo 11 years ago

I like it but the mouse movement in the second level is so messed up I can't finish it in time. It just doesn't move natural. :|

wyrdoak 11 years ago

A bit harder that Zuma but a pretty fun to play

CyruzWings 12 years ago

very fun, but I got problem in mouse handling :(

Jac978 12 years ago

Very fun great game!

BrianT 12 years ago

Very Fun, And I don't play too many games

fanisatt 12 years ago

I love it.....

vipek 12 years ago

I really didn't expect that this game will be so fun :) Great fun, really addictive! :)

patriki 13 years ago

That was the game I was looking for! Thanks

captainhaggy 13 years ago

Zaz ist ein Spiel, wie man es oft als Flashgame im Webbrowser sieht oder früher auf Palms. Ein netter, leicht suchtmachender Zeitvertreib ... und da gewaltfrei .. für Kinder geeignet .. und für die Mittagspause. Und die Damenwelt wird auch bestimmt ihren Spaß haben.