Download Youtube Videos with DownThemAll(D.T.A) and Download Helper using Firefox

  8 years ago

Download Youtube Videos with DownThemAll(D.T.A) and Download Helper using Firefox

Hello guys, this will be my second tutorial and i hope it will be rather useful. So i wanted to download some youtube videos and i know we have youtube-dl, but sometimes youtube-dl just glitches even after you update it. So i was looking for an easy and fast solution. Let me take you step by step through a process of obtaining youtube videos fast and easy:

1. Install Firefox (if by some divine miracle you don't have it yet)

2. Search the official addons page of firefox for two addons which are DownThemAll and Download Helper

3. Install both addons

Now you have all you need to easily download from youtube. To download any video simply follow the next set of instructions:

1. Go to (like durhhhh)

2. Click on the video you wish to download

3. When the video will finish loading (not playing) you will see the Download Helper icon with an arrow beside the video title, actuall it will be preceding the video title

4. Click the arrow and from the options choose DownThemAll, you could download direct but DownThemAll gives a speed boost which is quite nice.

Hope this small tutorial was useful. I promise to add pics/snapshots if you guys request for it.

Have a nice day,

Soviet Pecker

mike2008 7 years ago

I make 3D art videos using Blender and I upload and download my videos quite
a lot. To download my videos from YouTube I use the best and fastest and easiest software provided for Linux. That would be MiniTube! I also use
MiniTube to browse and view YouTube videos because there are no annoying commercials full of useless information that I could care less about.
Just start up Synaptic Package manager and search for MiniTube and VIOLA!
I know this thread is a year or so old but I am sure this will stop people
from adding spyware and adware to their browsers. Especially the video download addons. ;O)

Hammer459 8 years ago

This is not really a tutorial

dagon 8 years ago

Well. There are free stuff there too.

:) -Duck and Cover!

remoulder 8 years ago

Downloading videos is a breach of copyright. Oh mods!