randolphgow PL32
2014-03-07 19:57:45

I am the fun guy that never lets his friends down. I have interest in game programming and networking. Currently hold the position of Google Campus Ambassador in Covenant University, Nigeria. Love to discover new programming languages, currently know the basic syntax of C/C++, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python, Visual Basic and some others..... Preferred language and current language of study: Python. Love the flexibility of this one and plus i can do a lot of things with a large amount of libraries available. Python is batteries included, but I can't live without Pygame..... Look forward to working with Google one day, that is why i am working so hard..... Just recently started working with HTML5, I mean so much flexibility built in the New HTML specification and CSS3 is making me visit photoshop less and less. As for JavaScript I say go with JQuery, it is for JavaScript developers who don't want to spend time on what already exists...

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