Install nVidia Driver Linux Mint 16 MATE 64

  7 years ago

Install LM16 MATE 64, then run update – and then install nVidia drivers.

My setup: Asus P9X79 Pro, nVidia/GeForce GTX 670, 3x1920x1200 LCD screens

  1. Go to Admin → Driver Manager and select & install the Recommended driver, mine is 319.32

  2. Open Terminal & run 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' – sudo needs admin password

  3. Reboot/restart the computer

  4. After restart, open Terminal & type 'sudo nvidia-settings'

  5. Click 'X Server Display Configuration' to set display details

  6. Drag and drop screens to change order if you have multiple screens

  7. Click 'Apply' to check if your settings are OK

  8. Click 'Save to X Configuration File' to make changes permanent.

  9. Click Quit & Quit again in the small window that then opens to exit.


Edit: I noticed this tutorial got a -1, possibly due to nVidia releasing version 331.20 driver. Read for users' comments to this copy/pasted list. Petra's kernel is currently 3.11.0-12 and the nVidia 331.20 driver caused havoc with some of their rigs. 331.20 does work with kernel 3.12 they say. Best to wait and let Clem work his magic...

Edit: Changed 'sudo nvidia-config' to 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' thanks for the heads up!

rogerthat1945 7 years ago

And nobody tells you that when you install LinuxMint 16, and want to get the NVidia driver installed, that your i7 dynabook will never go into BIOS again to allow you to alter the GPU from starting for this wrongly typed GPU graphics update, because of `whatever reason` Linux stops the BIOS boot key from working on these laptops.
I have run out of normal keys to press which get me into BIOS on a ton of other computers I have built and used..

Or is that yet another secret for the ten year vererans only?

EmilyWolfess 7 years ago

This was great, I only needed to do steps 1-3 and it was all good. I have a emachines desktop (pretty decent specs actually enough to do doom 3 on 1080 highest settings after i put a gtx 480 on it) and thought I would be stuck with winblows.

The only trouble though is it only works with cinnamon ubuntu version of mint. I tried XCFE and it just crashes the graphics the instant you try to open the menu or any type of window and the debian version just crashes instantly after you log in so I can't access the driver manager or terminal or anything.

I like the normal version best though so no loss it all works the same.

Pasqual62 7 years ago

Thank you very much. I tried a lot of things, but this guide is the one that allowed me to play games under Linux :')
Now I can stop having nightmares about having to buy Windows for my gaming pc...

But PLEASE, edit the tutorial, it should be: sudo nvidia-xconfig (note the "x" before config)
Thanks for the correction in the comments :)

skatar 7 years ago

Am new to Linux,tried the above however when i enter sudo nvidia-config
i get back sudo nvidia-config comand not found. So now what? My search continues on how to enable my HDMI port on a linux OS

rbell 7 years ago

This tutorial is useless for everyone with a CPU with an onboard GPU (which is almost all of them now...). Please write in BIG LETTERS the following warning:

If running with a CPU having an onboard GPU - enter BIOS and disable the integrated GPU!

Until the integrated GPU is disabled, ubuntu/mint will not autodetect the nvidia gfx card.