Install Liquorix Kernel on any Mint Debian edition (32-bit)

  9 years ago

Liquorix is a kernel replacement built using the best configuration and kernel sources for desktop, multimedia, and gaming workloads. Upon installation it will make the entry to your GRUB boot records and be the first in list. These kernels also work with fglrx.

nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb sid main future
Save and exit by 'ctrl+x' 'y' enter

Save the keyring
apt-get update && apt-get install '^liquorix-([^-]+-)?keyring.?'
Now do
apt-get install linux-headers-2.6-liquorix-686 linux-image-2.6-liquorix-686

Reboot, perhaps by doing
shutdown -r now

Verify your PC is running the most fresh kernel by doing
uname -r

Authors homepage:
Mintification 8 years ago

Hmm, nice.
Should try this kernel someday :)

biohazard35 9 years ago

Thanks! This tutorial has been extremely useful for me since Linux Mint Debian has started defaulting to -486, which didn't support my Pentium Dual-Core. :)

fooquit 9 years ago

Thanks for this. I think this tutorial will become quite popular since the LMDE versions of Mint seem to default to the "-486" which doesn't support multi-core processors, this effectively hobbled my Core 2 Duo (it was using only one of it's two cores). Of course I can just install the "-686-pae" kernel but as I have less than 4 GiB RAM there will be a very slight memory plenty (0.1% of RAM). Hopefully the LMDE installer will intelligently make the choice between using the "-486" or the "-686-pae" kernel in the future.

PS. All this is a result of the Debian team no longer maintaining a regular "-686" kernel only the "-686-pae" one instead. Details here:

Gotenks 9 years ago

Tutorial updated

cpatrick08 9 years ago

oh ok

Gotenks 9 years ago

Good logic, I am not ikey though.

cpatrick08 9 years ago

i was wondering if you are ikey because you have the same pic as he did but with a different name

craigevil 9 years ago

The main liquorix site is:
liquorix support forums are: liquorix irc is at #smxi on, look for damentz

craigevil 9 years ago

You do not want to use "future" unless you want a beta/rc kernel.
Future is the development branch, simply add: future to the sources entry. For previous kernel version, add: past
You can also use smxi to install it.
To add liquorix in smxi, use: super-advanced-kernel-options, which add liquorix sources / set defaults or :: after you add liquorix sources deb sid main then the next time smxi runs you will see option to install liquorix kernels in advanced kernel install options, just like with your other kernel options. You can set liquorix to be your default kernel in Misc Tweaks advanced options.

progone 10 years ago

I'm looking forward to trying this out soon.

wanda 10 years ago

Kernel default und fertig.

kwevej 10 years ago

answer: no ;)

kwevej 10 years ago

Sould I also install the modules package?

khan 10 years ago

Great find!

Gotenks 10 years ago

Currently running Liquorix kernel 2.6.35-4 without issues
See for determining current stable and testing kernels.
LMDE's currently remains: 2.6.32-5

Gotenks 10 years ago

Between a 'current readymade performance kernel' vs spending hours building your own custom/optimized kernel from source. Damenz's Liquorix kernel is built using a fine tuned desktop configuration. Please see
Authors site added to end of page

davedarkblade 10 years ago

What are the main differences between this and the default kernel?
You notice the increased performance?