Setting up Partitions in LMDE with Gparted

  9 years ago

Greetings Everyone, 

I've seen a lot of people on IRC having some trouble with setting up the partitions in LMDE, so I figured i'd come here and give everyone a quick run down of what to do so you can get LMDE running on your computer. 

The first thing of course is to run the install off the live DVD and fill in the appropriate information until you get to where you set up the hard drive partitions. 

Once there and in Gparted the first thing to do is go to Device at the top of the screen and select Create Partition Table

The next thing to do is to go to Partition and select New

First we want to create a Swap partition, so under File System: from the drop-down select Linux-swap. 

More information about the Linux Swap can be found at the below address.

Typically you don't need a lot of space for this, anywhere between 512 MiB to 1024 MiB should be plenty. Under New Size (MiB): enter in the amount of hard drive space in MegaBytes you want to assign to the swap. 

You can add a Label to the partition if you desire but it's not required. 

Click Add when you are finished. 

Next we need to create a Partition for LMDE to run on. Much as we did above click Partition and select New.

Most Linux distributions today use the ext4 file system so for the purpose of this tutorial we'll set one up. More information on the ext4 file system can be found here.

Under File System: pull the drop down and select ext4. 

It's safe to allocate the remaining space on your hard drive to this partition unless you are dual booting, but for the purpose of this tutorial we'll assume you are installing on a clean hard drive. 

Again you can add a Label to the partition if you desire but it's not required. 

Click Add when you are finished. 

Once everything is assigned click the green check mark at the top of the window to Apply All Operations. Be sure that you are happy with the current layout before clicking this button because everything will be applied at this time. 

Once everything is completed you can close gparted and set your ext4 partition as your / (root) by right clicking on it and selecting that option. 

Continue the setup as you would any other and soon enough you will be playing around with LMDE. 

Hope this helps. Please leave any comments below to help improve the tutorial and i'll add any information that would be useful. 

In addition more information can be found on the Gparted application at the link below.


m4daredsun 8 years ago

Thanx for the clear instructions.

I would suggest you to add a couple of screenshots to improve its usefulness, though.