VISUAL GUIDE: Create icons on your Desktop and Menu which link to specific internet webpages.

  7 years ago


One possible use for creating icons on the Desktop and Menu which link to specific webpages:

This tutorial illustrates how an individual who banks with the Piraeus Bank (Τράπεζα Πειραιώςs) could set up icons on the Desktop and Menu, which would take him (or her) directly to the Piraeus Bank's online banking login webpage.


Step by step instructions to create a desktop icon which launches the Piraeus Bank's online banking login webpage:


a). Right Click anywhere on the desktop and select:

Right click on the desktop

b). Enter the following details into the Launcher Properties pop-up window which opens up.

  • Piraeus Bank
  • firefox

Note: firefox has to be all in lower-case

c). Left Click on the OK button and your Piraeus Bank icon will appear on your desktop.

The icon created is mute grey in colour (with a simple cog graphic design) and should be labeled Piraeus Bank.



Mute Grey Piraeus Bank icon

d). Another window will open up asking:

.e). If you Left Click on the Yes button, you will create an icon in the Menu (in the Other Category)

f). Left Click on the Desktop icon to confirm that it launches the Piraeus Bank online login webpage.



Mute Grey Piraeus Bank icon

  • You can click on the Piraeus Bank image above to see what the Piraeus Bank online login webpage looks like.


Left Click on the Menu button and check that there is a Piraeus Bank icon present.


Click on your Piraeus Bank Menu Icon it and confirm that it opens up the Piraeus Bank online banking login webpage.


Piraeus Bank Menu Icon


























Piraeus Bank Series

Piraeus Bank







This tutorial is part of my Piraeus Bank Series, which includes the following tutorials:



The following microHOWTO does not warrent its own tutorial, but may be of interest to people new to Linux Mint.

Click on the relevant icon below to download a copy in the format you desire.

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SpeedyGonzalez 7 years ago

that's nice. Thank you

MagicMint 7 years ago

A real good tutorial, the more so because many Windows renegades don‘t even know that the Linux desktop can do this as easily as their old OS.

But I think the real motivation should be to be able to get rid of the browsing within the bookmark collection of the browser (which gets the more annoying the more bookmarks you have if you cannot remember what to search for…), rather than that of clicking through to a login page, because the latter is always avoidable by saving the direct link as a bookmark ;-)

Hammer459 7 years ago

Very good so far (Incomplete as of July 24)
Textbook example of how to do a Tutorial, Step by step with working examples and screen shots.