Born in England in 1962 (55 years old). Brought up in Northern Nigeria, secondary and tertiary education in Britain. Twenty five years experience in the oil and gas industry. Ten years Drilling Supervisor experience.

British and Australian Passport holder, Canadian Permanent Resident status, Malaysian Residential Visa holder (MM2H).

Based out of Australia (nearest airport: Perth International Airport).

•    Currently consulting for Shell Brunei as a  Drilling Supervisor (HPHT project / Jack-up).

•    Talisman: Eighteen months on Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) project in the Kurdish mountains of Iraq.

•    Anadarko: Eight months on one well HPHT project: Wildcat exploration well in the Makassar Strait, offshore Borneo / Indonesia (Jack-up).

•    EnCana: Twenty months as a Drilling Engineer / Drilling Supervisor / Sub-Sea Supervisor on Deep Panuke Project. East Coast Canada / Atlantic Ocean (Jack-up and Norwegian ROV construction vessels).

•    Oil-Search: Two years working Heli-Rigs (triples) in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

•    ENI: Seven months offshore Australia (semi-subs).

•    Woodside: Eight months offshore Australia (semi-subs).

•    Santos: Three months in the desert of Southern Australia (Land Rigs / Cooper Basin).

•    Shell: One year offshore Malaysia (jack-ups, semi-subs and semi-sub tender barges).
Commenced oilfield career in 1984 with Baker-Hughes Inteq, working for ten years as an MWD Engineer, followed by five years as an Auto-Trak Rotary Steerable System Supervisor. After leaving Baker-Hughes Inteq in 2001, consulted for Sperry Sun as a Directional Driller for two and a half years (Geo-Pilot rotary steerable system experience).  

I have worked in Iraq, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, Holland, France, Italy, Norway, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Oman, Trinidad, Bahrain, Egypt, U.A.E, Algeria, Tunisia, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Singapore, East Timor, Kazakhstan and India.

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