VISUAL GUIDE: Create icons in your Menu which links to specific internet webpages.

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One possible use for creating icons in your Menu which links to specific webpages:

This tutorial illustrates how an individual who banks with the Piraeus Bank (Τράπεζα Πειραιώςs) could set up an icon (under the Banking category) in the Menu, which would take him (or her) directly to the Piraeus Bank's online banking login webpage.



Create an icon in Menu that opens up a Piraeus Bank webpage.


a). Right Click "Menu" in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop and select Configure from the drop down menu.

b). Left Click on the Open the menu editor button to customise your menu entries

c). A Main Menu pop-up window opens up.

  •     Click on the New Item button.

16). Click on New Item

d). A pop-up window called Launcher Properties will open up.

17). Launcher Properties window opens up

e). Surf the web for the Piraeus Bank website and navigate through to their online banking login webpage.

Copy the uniform resource locator (URL) for this webpage:

If you use Firefox as your primary browser; type firefox followed by the complete URL (including http:// or https://) that you copied earlier, into the Command: data entry box:

  • firefox

f). It is important that you enter firefox all in lower case.

  • If you enter Firefox (with an upper case F) the OK button will remain greyed out and you won't be able to Click on it later on.

19). firefox must be all lower case


18). Enter Piraeus Bank details in Launcher Properties

f). You can enter any comments you like into the Comment: data entry box (or leave it empty if you like).


e). Left Click on the Red Rocket icon in Launcher Properties.

20). Click on the Red Rocket icon in Launcher Properties

f). Navigate to the File Directory where your Piraeus Bank icon image file is stored.

  • Highlight the relavent image file and Left Click on the OK button in the bottom left hand corner of the Choose an icon window.

21). Browse through to the file directory containing your Piraeus Bank icon

g). The Piraeus icon is now visible in Main Menu window.

  • Left Click on the Close button to take you back to your Desktop.


h). Once you are back at your Desktop:

  • Left Click on your Menu button from the Desktop (botton left hand corner).
  • You should now be able to see a Banking category in the Menu.
  • You should be able to see a Piraeus Bank icon.

24). Banking Category and Piraeus Icon now working in Menu



Piraeus Bank Series

Piraeus Bank







This tutorial is part of my Piraeus Bank Series, which includes the following tutorials:



The following microHOWTO does not warrent its own tutorial, but may be of interest to people new to Linux Mint.

Click on the relevant icon below to download a copy in the format you desire.

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MagicMint 7 years ago

@chilipadi: You’re welcome. I too work exactly this way. I think the initial desktop paradigm was intended to be used this way, not the one Apple and Windows made of it…

chilipadi 7 years ago

Magic Mint - Thanks for your first point which I knew nothing about until just now.

I agree with your second point. I like as clean a desktop as possible, so everything in the menu for me (no desktop shortcuts). For me the desktop is just a place for things I haven't filed or deleted yet.

MagicMint 7 years ago

I’d like to point out two things:

  • In any launcher (or command line) under Cinnamon or MATE, you can use gnome-open as a generic command to open any URL describing either a local file or a web address;

  • In my experience, people who prefer desktop icons are not likely to dig around in menus, and vice versa. But every one should know that both point to the same kind of desktop object: a launcher of the same sort ;-)