Default New-User Login / Lock Screen Background

  5 years ago

Files located at


Replace them with whatever image you like, just keep the naming convention.

One will change the default wallpaper for new users, the other is the default lock-screen wallpaper for all users. You can figure out which is which.

crimsonmane 5 years ago

@lib2know - the other folders are self explanatory. as with your example, those are the default wallpapers for that version of linuxmint.

Hammer459 5 years ago

No @lib2know it is not a good tutorial as it is not describing how to do things.
BUT it is a good note for the Forums as a hint on how to solve an issue

remoulder 5 years ago

This is not a tutorial

lib2know 5 years ago

good tutorial!
maybe there is more too say ...
what is the meaning of the other directories?

don't mind copy & pasted comments ;-)