How to get and install Linux games - Full tutorial

tpapastylianou 6 years ago

This post is a bit dated; just adding for the sake of people still bumping into it: The Desura and Steam digital distribution clients are now both available on linux. :)

Make way for the year of the linux desktop! \o/ :p

Thinker 7 years ago


Miquel_Ubuntero 7 years ago

You're right! This is a FULL tutorial. Thanks for your work.

tpapastylianou 8 years ago

I'm assuming everybody bought the humble indie bundle and it needs no introduction in the linux world? :)

zaenal1234 8 years ago

very useful.= +1

tpapastylianou 8 years ago

Also, the article above mentions wine, but neglects to mention PlayOnLinux, which automates much of the process of installing games (and other popular windows software) on wine.

tpapastylianou 8 years ago

That guide neglects a very important aspect: commercial linux games.
It's a mixed blessing that conversations about linux games always end up around the 'freedom' argument and neglect commercial offerings; which is probably what will drive linux game demand in the first place.

  • >< and >Penguspy< are excellent linux game portals (mostly commercial offerings, but quality free offerings also listed in both)

  • I liked the >Playdeb< option mentioned above

  • I have mentioned >djl< elsewhere, which is quite a nifty idea, modeled after the Steam client paradigm.

Elisa 8 years ago